Priority Estate Planning

Contemplating our own mortality is one of the most difficult things a person is ever required to do. As a result, we often put off getting our financial house in order. A Last Will and Testament or Living Trust can save loved ones from terrible headaches, family and other conflicts, probate expenses and unnecessary taxes.

For this very reason, the O’Loughlin Law Firm LLC created its Priority Estate Planning Team. This team of professionals is committed to creating prompt estate plans in emergency situations, without compromise in quality. Within days, we deliver the same quality estate plans it takes other law firms weeks or even months to create. We can do this because urgent estate planning is our number one priority.

If you find yourself in need of an "11th hour" Estate Plan, the O’Loughlin Law Firm LLC prides itself on our ability to provide timely, compassionate service, without compromise in quality. If you would like to know more about our Priority Estate Planning Services give us a call today at 660-263-2600 or 800-646-6875.