Are all attorneys qualified to do estate planning?

There was a time when a single attorney was a General Practitioner and would work in all areas of the law. He or she would represent clients in Criminal, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Corporate, Securities, Personal Injury Law etc. Whatever a client needed, that’s what the attorney would do. This type of practice used to work fine. However, the world is more complicated than it used to be. Things are moving faster and so the laws are changing faster. It is my opinion that a single attorney cannot stay current in all areas of the law. I know the great amount of hours I personally spend staying current in estate planning law and do not believe it is possible for an attorney to stay current in more than two or three areas of the law. With this in mind, whether you work with me or someone else, I strongly recommend you only hire an attorney who focuses on estate planning to help you create your estate plan. The effects of a poorly drafted estate plan are too critical to your family.

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